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Factors that Lead to Premature Pipe Replacement

Faults in your piping can take a toll on your system and cause it to become inefficient. You may also have to contend with water damage on your property. Unfortunately, some of these problems require premature pipe replacement.

Here are some factors that could lead to premature pipe replacement in Old Pueblo.

Unprofessional Plumbing Installations

One of the most significant factors that can increase the risk of premature pipe replacement is improper installations. There are many variables that a certified professional will consider during the design stage of your plumbing.

For example, the slope of the installation should have a gradient high enough to allow for a steady flow, especially for drainpipes. Your plumbing typically carries a mixture of solids and fluids. If the slope is too low, it may allow the liquid portion to move, but leave the solids behind to dry within the pipe.

When the solid material dries up, it can create multiple points of blockages that will eventually stop the flow. Additionally, the abrasive nature of some solids can damage the piping and accelerate rust and corrosion.

A plumber will determine if the installations should include catch basins to slow the progression of the flow. Underground systems may require several features to manage the movement of waste through your plumbing. A thorough assessment is needed to determine if additional points are necessary to contain the solids.

Unprofessional Piping Upgrades

Improper upgrades of fixtures may trigger issues related to pressure and corrosion in your piping. The wall thickness should match the requirements of your system. Your piping may deteriorate since corrosion and rust will happen at a faster rate.

Another problem that can occur during upgrades is using pipes made of different materials. Certain materials such as zinc and copper can react through an electro-chemical process when connected. That’s why it pays to consult a certified plumber in Tucson to ensure your fittings are a suitable fit for your plumbing.

Type of Metal and Corrosion

According to the EPA, copper, and lead in the water is a sign of corrosion. Water agencies in the United States remove lead piping whenever they encounter it. In its service line, the city of Tucson has multiple points to check for traces of contamination. The water department attributes contamination to plumbing in individual households.

Lead pipes are toxic, but they are rare today. Since the lead lifespan can extend beyond 100 years, it was considered suitable for plumbing. It is soft and malleable. You can tell if your pipes are made of lead by scratching its surface with a hard object.

Copper is another malleable metal that is susceptible to corrosion and can cause issues within your plumbing. If you suspect you have lead or copper pipes, you may want to consult a certified plumber and have them replaced.

The most common metal in use today is iron. Cast iron is stronger, can withstand high pressures, but it can still generate rust. Corrosion is responsible for more than a quarter of plumbing faults. If you detect that your pipes have spots of rust, your system could soon start leaking.

Iron and PVC, which have a longer lifespan, are commonly found in drain lines. Keep in mind that the condition of your plumbing will depend on how you maintain your pipes. Consult Rite Way Heating, Cooling & Plumbing service in Tucson to set up an appointment to inspect and repair your plumbing system.

Spikes in Water Pressure

If the water pressure from the mainline is unpredictable, it may affect the plumbing system. A sudden spike increases the load exerted on your home’s piping system. If the increase in water pressure is long term, the resulting stress may cause your pipes to burst. This might necessitate premature pipe replacement.

Drastic Changes in Water Usage

If your piping was designed to serve a small household, but water usage drastically increases, you might need to replace your piping prematurely.

Ideally, your piping should also be able to accommodate small changes in water usage. During the design stage, professional plumbers evaluate your needs based on when consumption is highest in your household. However, when your consumption spikes significantly, the piping is no longer able to meet the demand, and water to some areas could reduce to a trickle.

Misuse of Drain Facilities

Habits such as pouring grease, solid materials, or certain chemicals in the toilet or sink can negatively impact your drainpipes. They increase clogging and corrosion problems, which will eventually deteriorate and age your drainpipes. Over time, this may lead to you needing to replace your drainpipes prematurely.

Vegetation Next to Your Piping

Roots from nearby trees can easily puncture main drainpipes. Usually, this will happen to older pipes and those that are leaking. However, it can also happen to newly installed pipes, which would necessitate premature pipe replacement.

During installation, certified professionals will consider factors such as the presence of trees on your property. Regular maintenance can help to prevent debris from getting into the pipes. Tools such as video inspection can reliably detect plumbing faults before they become costly to address.

Mineral Buildup in the Pipes

Tucson water supply has a high level of water hardness since part of it comes from Central Arizona. The presence of minerals can have long term implications for your piping.

As more minerals are deposited in your pipes, they become narrower. As a result, your plumbing builds up high levels of water pressure. This may cause some pipes to burst to result in a need for premature pipe replacement.

Saltless soft water treatment solutions are an effective way to stop the buildup of limescale in your home’s plumbing. A salt-free system will reduce magnesium and calcium, which are the main minerals that can damage your appliances. The salt-less process is more common for addressing hardness as they are more affordable and require little maintenance.

You can consult Rite Way Heating, Cooling & Plumbing in Tucson if there is clogging in your pipes. Our plumbers can use efficient methods for removing mineral buildup, such as hydro-jetting. The process can also flush out grease and other debris without damaging your pipes.

It is not advisable to use abrasive materials like a steel brush to flush out limescale. You could damage your piping and accelerate the rusting process. Also, be conscious of the chemicals you pour down the sink. Certain solutions can encourage corrosion of the pipes and may increase the risk of leakages.

Rely on Professionals

At Rite Way Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we have certified professionals who can use advanced camera inspection tools to pinpoint the location of a clog. By using high-resolution visuals, our plumbers can accurately control the hydro-jet. We can also provide maintenance services to reduce the risk of clogged pipes.

You can rely on our team at Rite Way Heating, Cooling & Plumbing in Tucson to deliver exceptional plumbing services. We have a highly skilled team that can handle plumbing and AC/Heat installations, maintenance, and repairs. Our company has an A+ rating with the BBB, which reflects our commitment to provide quality plumbing services. Call us today for more details on our offers.