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Rite Way University – Begin A Career In The Trades
Rite Way University – Begin A Career In The Trades

Rite Way University

Have You Ever Considered A Career In The Trades?

Are you the kind of person who wants to make great money, who loves helping people in need, but you just can’t see yourself spending your career stuck in a cubicle?

Perhaps you’ve considered college but your work ethic is too good to sit in a classroom for 3 years – you’d rather be out earning a living and avoiding college debt.

If this sounds like you, then a career as an air conditioning technician may be a great fit.

Read on, because with the launch of Rite Way University, this field might be easier to enter, and a lot more lucrative, than you might have thought…

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Why Work in the AC/Heat Field?

Demand for heating and cooling services is growing nationwide, especially here in Arizona.

  • The AC/Heat industry is expected to grow by 50% in the next 12 years, by $10 billion. This will include a 13% increase in demand for technicians – much more job growth than in most other fields. That means you’ll be in demand and not worried about job security.
  • The US Department of Labor predicts a shortage of 70,000 AC/Heat technicians – that means plenty of opportunity for those smart enough to enter the field.
  • Our Arizona climate means plenty of job security – our hot summers aren’t going away.
  • You’ve probably seen new homes going up all over the area – more people moving to Arizona and building homes means more homes will need air conditioning service and maintenance.
  • Many existing technicians have been in the industry for decades and are approaching retirement. There is a shortage of young people entering the business, partially due to a lack of good training programs. Rite Way University is the best way to enter the industry while
    being paid to learn.
  • Air conditioning is an essential industry, which means that it doesn’t get shut down during crises like COVID. Nor is this an industry where technicians are going to be replaced with robots, as we are seeing begin to be predicted for other careers.

If you’re looking for a career with massive potential growth, long term job security and an honest way to earn a good living without a college degree, you should seriously consider becoming an air conditioning technician.

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Why Rite Way University?

So you’re interested in becoming a technician in this important field? There are three ways to get started.

You could take job as an install helper. You’ll install systems and slowly learn how they work. After several years you may know enough to apply for a job as a basic repair technician.

You could go to a college or trade school to get qualified. Over months or years, and $3000 to $15000 in tuition fees, you’ll be qualified to apply for a job somewhere.

Or, if you want to get started the smart way, consider applying for an apprenticeship program at Rite Way University.

  • Get paid to learn. We’re looking to grow the future of our company, so we pay our students to learn, plus you’ll be eligible for employee benefits. This is literally the best of both worlds. We take the risk and you do the work to become a competent technician. Instead of racking up college debt, you’re literally being paid to sit in class.
  • Learn fast. We’re not a college, so we’re not interested in bulking out our curriculum with useless filler or wasted time. We focus on practical and effective technical skills that will let you maintain, diagnose and repair air conditioning systems. We also teach your communication, presenting and sales skills so that you can give future customers a high quality level of service! We aim to have you ready to work in the field within 22 weeks.
  • Move straight into your career. We aim to offer all Rite Way University graduates in good standing a job as a maintenance technician with Rite Way Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. We were voted best AC/Heat company in Tucson 2021, and were runner up in Best Tucson Employer 2019 according to the Tucson Readers’ Choice Awards. We are a successful and growing company with a good local and national reputation, as well as a proud corporate sponsor of the Arizona Wildcats.
  • Learning made easy. Not cut out for sitting in a classroom day in, day out? Don’t worry, our Hybrid Learning Model blends classroom stuff with practical lab skills practice and time in the field with working technicians and customers.
  • Get qualified. We aim to have your EPA Certified by the time you graduated, and on your way to earning your North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification.

How to Apply Now

We run several 5-month classes per year. Please apply here and we’ll add you to the list for our next open house where we will take applications.

At our open house event, we’ll provide you with information about the industry, the opportunity, and the University technician paid training program. We’ll have you do a simple and painless mechanical aptitude test and possibly some short interviews. Candidates who pass this first round will be invited back for a more in-depth interview and discussion before being offered our paid training scholarship. Come to our open house with some energy and enthusiasm and it will be worth your time. This is a great industry to get into.

Our next technician training class is expected to begin in late summer 2022.

You will:
  • Be over 18 years old
  • Have a clean(ish) driving record – we eventually want to be able to insure you
  • Have no felonies within 7 years
  • Have some basic computer skills
  • Be a good communicator – we fix equipment but we’re paid by homeowners
  • Be someone who isn’t afraid of some hard work. This is a noble and lucrative profession, but it can be hard work, especially in the summer heat. We know not everyone is cut out for occasional discomfort.