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Alternative Septic Service, Install, and Maintenance
Alternative Septic Service, Install, and Maintenance

Innovative Septic Solutions for the Eco-Conscious Homeowner

Expert Installation and Maintenance for Alternative Septic Systems

Rite Way’s professional septic technicians offer alternative septic service and installation, where we provide eco-friendly and efficient solutions for your septic needs. Our commitment to sustainability and quality service makes us a preferred choice for homeowners seeking reliable and environmentally conscious septic options.

What Is an Alternative Septic System?

As the name suggests, an alternative system is any type of septic system other than a septic tank. Typical alternative systems include aerobic systems, sand-lined trenches, intermittent sand filters, Wisconsin mounds, textile filters, pressure distribution, and subsurface drip irrigation. They use gravity and a combination of filters or pumps to convey effluent for disposal into trenches, beds, chambers, or pits. Alternative OSWTFs must be designed by and stamped with the seal of a Professional Engineer (P.E.) registered to work in the state of Arizona with expertise in the on-site wastewater field.

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Some examples in Arizona:

Why Choose Alternative Septic Systems?

  • Site Constraints: Alternative systems can be more adaptable to challenging terrain or smaller lots where a conventional septic system may not be feasible.
  • Regulatory Compliance: In areas with stringent environmental regulations or where traditional septic systems are not permitted, alternative systems may be the only option for sewage treatment.
  • Environmental Concerns: Alternative septic systems often offer improved treatment of wastewater, reducing the potential for contamination of groundwater and surface water sources compared to traditional systems.
  • Improved Treatment Efficiency: Some alternative systems utilize advanced technologies such as aerobic treatment or sand filtration, which can provide more efficient removal of contaminants from wastewater.
  • Enhanced Odor Control: Certain alternative systems incorporate features like aerobic digestion or specialized media filters to minimize odors associated with sewage treatment.
  • Flexibility for Property Development: Alternative systems can sometimes provide greater flexibility for property owners to expand or modify their buildings without needing to upgrade the septic system.
  • Increased Property Value: In areas where alternative septic systems are perceived as more environmentally friendly or efficient, they may contribute to higher property values and marketability.

Choose Rite Way for Alternative Septic System Services

  • Consultation and Design: Personalized planning and design to meet your specific needs.
  • Installation: Professional installation by certified technicians.
  • Maintenance and Repair: Regular maintenance services to ensure optimal functionality.
  • Upgrades and Replacements: Upgrade your existing system for improved efficiency and eco-friendliness.
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