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Leak Prevention

Is your home “SMART” enough to protect itself from water damage?

Take the Rite Way approach to protect your home with the SMART WATER VALVE + METER.

Water damage is a homeowner’s nightmare. One in five will file a claim for water damage with an average cost of $10,000. Meanwhile, a leaky toilet can increase water bills by $200. With the Rite Way SMART WATER VALVE + METER, you get an advanced smart home solution that protects your home from water damage, helps reduce your water bill, and makes life easier.

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Benefits of Water Leak Detection in Tuscon

Leaks in your plumbing can be a source of major headaches before long. Rising water bills are the least of your trouble, as the real issue is how leaks undermine your home. Water promotes rot and mold growth in the wood, which can cause serious structural damage over time.

Even before this point, though, a weakening foundation and plentiful water are perfect conditions for pests. A leak will help rats and insects turn your home into theirs, and it’s much harder to get them out than it is to stop them from entering. Detecting leaks early and preventing them from growing is a key step in maintaining a clean, safe home for you and your family.

Automatic Protection

Now, you can automatically stop plumbing leaks before they turn into floods. When leaks are detected, your smart home can automatically shut off the water to prevent damage. Turn the water back on with a simple tap in the mobile app.

Detect Hidden Leaks

Slow plumbing leaks behind walls are usually revealed by the damage they cause. You’ll get alerts on even the smallest hidden leaks to help prevent damage, mold, and mildew.

Peace of Mind

Your entire water system is monitored for leaks and the water temperature is measured to warn you before pipes can freeze and burst. Water sensors provide additional protection in high-risk areas like the laundry room, dishwasher, or air conditioning condensate pan.

Conserve Water

A dripping faucet or leaky toilet impacts your water bill and the environment. You’ll get alerts on high water use before the bill arrives and can always check the mobile app to see how much water your home is using.

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Included in your Rite Way SMART WATER VALVE + METER

The Hub

is the brain of your smart home system. It provides your home with a dedicated cellular network and connects all your devices to create a seamless experience with the Mobile App and website.

The Smart Water Valve + Meter

constantly monitors your plumbing system for leaks and provides real-time information on water use. It prevents damage by automatically shutting off the home's water when a leak is detected, and you can use the mobile app to turn the water off or on from anywhere.

Water Sensors

provide additional protection by alerting you to water in high-risk areas like water heaters, washing machines, and sinks — so you can take action before a small leak becomes an expensive problem.

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