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Assessing the Need for Ductwork Repairs

In the region around Tucson, many residents trust Rite Way Heating, Cooling & Plumbing to maintain the comfort and function of their homes. When the sun shines down on Arizona, you need an expert team to resolve your home climate issues. Our professional technicians will come to your rescue for heating or cooling problems of any size.

Beneath the floors and inside the walls of your home, there is a hidden component of your home comfort system. You may not think too often about this metal infrastructure, but it can have a sizeable effect on the efficiency and operation of your air conditioner or furnace. Ducts carry the treated air from your equipment to vents throughout the home. Holes or leaks in the system waste electricity and reduce efficiency.

If you always have trouble bringing your home to the right temperature, it may be a problem with your ductwork. The signs of a compromised system are easy to spot when you know them.

Room and Zone Temperature Issues

Each zone in your home has a dedicated thermostat. With this arrangement, every room in a zone should be roughly the same temperature. However, if there are problems with your ductwork, you may discover a room with a significantly different atmosphere. Narrowing in your ducts restricts the amount of treated air that makes it to the vent.

Some simple troubleshooting steps can prevent the cost of the repair visit. Check that the vent is open with nothing blocking it. A piece of furniture in front of the vent will slow the flow of hot or cold air.

The conditions around the thermostat can also affect how the system performs. An open window near this device will force the system to work harder. This extra effort will result in rooms that are too warm in the heating season and too cold in the cooling season.

Signs of Infestation

The intense heat of Tucson sends all sorts of creatures looking for relief. Insects and rodents may discover that your ductwork is the perfect hiding place. If you have condensation around your ducts, it is a water source for critters. The duct network also provides access to other parts of your home.

You may not see pest entry points right away because small rodents and insects can squeeze through tiny spaces. The signs of their presence will soon be clear when you smell pest odors during system operation. If you look around your vents, you may see dead insects or rodent droppings.

A call to a professional exterminating service is the first course of action when you see evidence of an infestation. Once these professionals finish, our team can check your ducts for holes, leaks and other damage.

Unexpected Utility Bill Costs

You expect seasonal changes to your utility bills. A common clue to a problem with your cooling or heating system is an unexpected rise in your operating costs. Holes and gaps in your ductwork divert treated air from its intended destination. Excessive dust can block or narrow ducts, and your system will have to produce more air to change the temperature. Any factor that creates extra work for your equipment will increase the cost to run it.

Faulty ducts also shorten the lifespan of your climate control equipment. Our technicians may point out unusual wear and tear at your annual maintenance appointment. Working harder puts more stress on these machines. Although the experts at Rite Way can assist with your next installation project, you get a better return on your investment the longer your air conditioner or furnace lasts.

Unusual Noises

When treated air rushes through your ducts, it changes the temperature of the metal ductwork. The expanding or contracting metal makes a range of noises. You and your family are probably used to some standard sounds of operation.

If you hear new noises that you cannot explain, our experts can examine the problem. Air running past leaks or holes may create a whistling sound in the walls. Loose fittings and connections may bang, ping or clash. When these noises demand your attention, a call to our helpful staff will determine your duct repair needs. Our technicians will turn off the ductwork percussion session.

Excessive Dust Around Vents

Dust is a constant reality in every home. Particles of dirt, dander and pollen are always floating around your indoor air. The filter in your home comfort system is designed to capture the largest particles. Removing these particles improves the performance of your home climate equipment. Homeowners who stay on top of regular filter changes will keep the system running smoothly.

A basic air filter does not remove the smallest dust particles. Because some dust still makes it through, a layer will build up in your ducts over time. Left unchecked, this layer will narrow the passage and restrict airflow. The team at Rite Way offers duct cleaning services to remove this layer and improve the system.

Holes in your ducts are another avenue for dust particles. They will gather faster in a compromised duct system. Professional duct repair service from Rite Way will fix the problem.

Excess dust around room vents is a clear symptom of a problem. People who are sensitive to allergens could have other issues. Allergy sufferers may feel like they have a cold that never ends. Our team will work with you to determine any indoor air quality issues and suggest IAQ solutions that reduce dust around your home.

Mold and Mildew

In southern Arizona, people run their air conditioners for a good portion of the year. Water vapor condenses around ductwork as treated air in the duct passes by warm air on the outside. Duct sweating can lead to several household problems.

The dark spaces between your walls are the perfect place for mold and mildew growth when you add some dampness from water condensation. Growing mold colonies release spores into your indoor air that can cause allergic reactions.

The growth of mold and mildew is also a quality of life issue. The nasty scent of mildew makes your home seem less than clean. Mold colonies in your walls or near ceiling tiles can cause permanent stains that require expensive repairs or replacement.

Many Tucson area residents have humidifiers to add moisture to the dry Arizona air. Constant condensation indicates that humidity levels are too high. A humidistat can help homeowners keep comfortable without creating the conditions for mold and mildew.

Tucson’s Choice for Home Climate Care

The experts at Rite Way Heating, Cooling & Plumbing are ready to handle your home comfort needs. We can help Tucson residents make it through the hottest days and coolest nights. You can rely on us for the expert installation, maintenance and repair of your heating and cooling systems. Our team will also handle the cleaning and repair of the network of ducts in your home. We are also the place to call for any plumbing or indoor air quality concerns. Contact Rite Way Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today to set up an appointment.