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Tired of Buying Toilet Paper - Tucson AZTired of buying toilet paper? Wish there was a way to save money, help the environment, and improve your hygiene with one simple product? Let Rite Way Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing install a bidet in your Tucson, AZ, home! Bidets are quickly catching on in the United States, but they’ve been a common staple in bathroom plumbing for centuries. These incredible alternatives to traditional toilets are becoming even more popular with the increase in demand for toilet paper combined with shortages. By allowing our experienced plumbers to install a bidet in your home, you’ll never have to worry about a toilet paper shortage again. Plus, it’s a great way to add an environmentally friendly product to your home!

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There are plenty of bidet options available to consumers currently, and our plumbing team can install them all! We can also help you choose a bidet that will be perfect for your home, your needs, and your budget. From modest bidets to those with higher-end features like a dryer, automatic operation, heated seats, and more.

Trusted Tucson Bidet Installations

Bidets are pretty simple in their primary function. In essence, they are a shallow toilet that also sprays water to clean as an alternative to using toilet paper. This is a cleaner and less abrasive method than using paper, and while it may be a bit of a change from what you are used to, most of our customers find that it’s a huge improvement in comfort! Some additional advantages are that by using a bidet, you’ll also help to save water. It takes a great deal more water to produce a roll of toilet paper than using a bidet each time, making it an eco-friendly alternative. You’ll also feel cleaner, and know for sure that everything has been handled sufficiently. Our team is experienced in performing bidet installations in Tucson, and you can trust our expertise to ensure your bidet is installed correctly for years of enjoyment.

Trusted Tucson Bidet Installations

Top 5 reasons to consider a bidet instead of a normal toilet:
  • A bidet is cleaner and gentler on your body
  • Never buy toilet paper again
  • Bidets are eco-friendly
  • Removes more fecal bacteria
  • A bidet saves water

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If you’re at all interested in having a bidet installation performed in your Tucson home, let us know! Our plumbers at Rite Way Heating, Cooling, & Plumbers are always ready to help. Whether you need some assistance or recommendations in choosing a bidet or you already have one picked out for us to install, we’ll ensure the job gets handled right the first time. We’re experienced with all aspects of your home plumbing, and provide an experienced, comprehensive approach to our plumbing solutions and services.

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For more information about bidets or to request a bidet installation from our Tucson team, simply call us at your earliest convenience!

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