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Tired of Buying Toilet PaperIf you’ve decided that you need bidet installation services in Benson, AZ and you’re wondering if you can handle it yourself, don’t bother. Just give us a call and we can have it taken care of before you know it. We handle installations, repairs, replacements, and whatever problems you might be having with your plumbing.

Installing and replacing bidets is a super simple process for us, and one we perform regularly at Rite Way Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. It’s a simple matter of fitting it to your toilet seat, hooking up the t-valve, and sitting back and admiring our handiwork. However, we also perform custom fittings and can adjust certain technical settings, such as water pressure and temperature on heated units.

Why Have A Bidet Installed?

We get asked about the benefits of bidets all the time, and it’s understandable as to why. But one thing we can say for sure is that most of the entire world uses bidets, and once you’re experienced with them, the appeal is obvious.
Bidets, for one, are less wasteful than toilet paper. They’re also cheaper in the long run. While you use a little more water every time you use the bathroom, the money you save on toilet paper will add up quite a bit over time.

Bidets are also arguably more hygienic, and somewhat lavish. More advanced units provide heated seats, heated water, massaging toilet seats, and more. These reasons to us are more than enough arguments to have a bidet installed. The benefits to having bidets installed or replaced professionally are numerous as well. Not only is satisfaction guaranteed, but our levels of experience are expertise on the matter will help ensure your bidet experience is a great one.

Trusted Bidet Installations

Benefits of bidets:
  • Bidets are less wasteful
  • Bidets cost less than toilet paper over time
  • Bidets are more hygienic
  • Bidets feature many different amenities

High Quality Bidets in Benson

Now, we understand that you might be wondering why you should go with us. At Rite Way Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we’ve been handling our client’s heating, cooling, and plumbing needs since 1959. We have a wide range of plumbers at our disposal that can provide service 24/7.

When it comes to our reputation, it’s pretty good. In 2019, we were named best mid-size employer by the Daily Star Best in Tucson, which is something we’re proud of, as it respects our commitment to providing the best service possible to both our clients and our employees. We hope you’ll consider giving our team a call if you have any questions about a bidet installation or replacement, or any other plumbing matter.

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