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Does New Plumbing Increase Home Value?

Up to date plumbing fixtures complements your house design, provides convenience and saves on water. Such upgrades can improve your home’s value and make it more appealing to potential buyers. Choosing the right improvement for your home requires a lot of consideration to attain a balance between personal preferences and value. If you intend to sell your home in the future and you want to maximize its value, here are some simple plumbing updates that you can consider.

1. Replace Old Drains

Hair, grease, food particles, skin fragments, and other substances can quickly get into the drain, get stuck, and form a blockage. You will then notice slow drains, which can deter potential buyers since they cannot tell whether the issue results from simple blockages or significant problems. With time, these elements may decompose, releasing awful smells in your kitchen or bathroom.

Begin by booking a plumbing inspection with an experienced plumber. Let the plumber assess the condition of your drains and replace them if needed. This will ensure that water flows smoothly will prevent backup in your kitchen sink or bathroom. Having old drains replaced will help avoid inconveniences to promote comfortability and increase home value.

2. Perform a Whole House Re-piping

Old pipes can result in huge expenses for the homeowner. They are prone to leaks, and clogs which can put off a potential buyer. Also, a plumbing system that doesn’t meet the state’s requirements can drastically reduce your house value. For older homes, chances are you have rusty iron pipes which need replacement.

Re-piping will help improve your plumbing performance which translates into a higher home value. The best time to do a re-piping is during house renovations since you can gain easy access to the old piping. Upgrade the main shut-off valve, supply lines, hose connections as well as the valves under the sink and toilets during re-piping.

3. Upgrade to a Tankless Water Heater

Hot water tanks use up a lot of energy to keep hot water on standby. A tankless water heater is a significant upgrade for your home since it only heats the water on demand to prevent energy waste. It also maintains a constant supply of hot water, and you can even run more than one shower at a time. Reach out to a qualified plumber to help you determine the right tankless water heater size that will meet your house needs.

4. Do a Bathroom Remodeling

Even some simple bathroom updates can add value to your house. You can install luxury showerheads into the bathroom that mimics summer rain or a waterfall. Alternatively, you can add low–flow showerheads that reduce the amount of water wasted.

Also, if you have an older toilet, replacing it with modern models will save you money and boost the value of your house. Old toilets use around five gallons of water per flush, resulting in higher water bills. Today, you can find various water-efficient toilets that use less water with each flush. The dual flush toilet offers two options. You can flush solid waste with about 1.6 gallons of water and 0.8 gallons of liquid waste.

Adding an extra bathroom can significantly increase your home value. Consider underutilized spaces like under the stairs. Have your plumbing company install modern bathtubs in your bathroom to make it look more trendy and appealing.

5. Install Modern Sinks

You can choose to install either under-mount sinks nestled below the countertop or the farmhouse. The under-mount gives your kitchen a more modern appearance. It also makes cleaning easier since you only need to wipe scraps directly into the sink. Alternatively, you can go for the farmhouse sink, which is also very attractive and highly convenient in terms of space.

6. Replace Old Faucets

You can increase your home value by simply updating your plumbing fixtures like the taps. This is a low-budget upgrade that boosts convenience and improves your bathroom or kitchen appearance. Consider installing pull-out faucets in your kitchen sink. It makes it easier to do the dishes with a flexible hose.

Modern faucet options also include multiple spray functions to help you accomplish various cleaning tasks. Try coordinating the fixtures throughout your house to create a unified look. New faucets will also help conserve water, saving you or the potential home buyer on bills.

7. Add a Filtration System

Installing a water filtration system is a smart investment that will attract potential home buyers and increase your home’s value. It keeps your house water clean and healthy, so you won’t have to buy bottled water. A whole house filtration system will also help combat hard water to prevent limescale build-up in your appliances and boost their lifespan.

8. Install a Dishwasher

Installing a dishwasher in your kitchen is another strong house selling point. If a potential buyer has always used a dishwasher, they wouldn’t want to go back to cleaning the dishes by hand. You should have a plumber do the installations for safety purposes.

9. Install Additional Outdoor Taps

If you have a garden, adding a new outdoor tap will give you easy access to water in the yard. An outdoor faucet will improve convenience by eliminating the need to buy long hoses. It saves on cost as well.

10. Add Some Rain Water Tanks

If your home region receives a substantial amount of rain, it’s a good idea that you install a rainwater tank to harvest water. You can use the water to do laundry, water plants, and other cleaning activities. This way, you will save on water bills, increasing your house value. There are various rain tank options in the market today, and you are sure to locate one that suits your budget.

11. Insulate Your Pipes

Pipe insulation is another home improvement project that can increase the value of your property. Most plumbing lines are usually in the basement, which is generally very cold. During winter, the exposed pipes may freeze and burst, damaging your property. Frozen pipes result in expensive repairs. Pipe insulation will keep your new lines at a moderate temperature to prevent them from freezing. It also minimizes condensation to save your house from humidity issues like mold growth.

Bottom Line

Plumbing is an essential system in any household. Hence updating, repairing, and replacing appliances and fixtures can increase your home’s value. For most buyers, the kitchen and bathroom are a strong selling point, so any updates that increase luxury and convenience can help you get a great deal. The abundance of DIY videos and information can tempt you to try out tasks independently.

While there are various simple plumbing projects that you can handle, others like re-piping, fixing significant leaks, and water heater services require a professional approach. An expert has the right tools to handle any plumbing project safely while in compliance with the regulations. They can also diagnose any underlying problem within your plumbing system and fix it before it escalates into a significant issue.

If you need professional help with your plumbing system, reach out to Rite Way Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. We deal with re-piping, drain cleaning, leak detection, touchless faucets, and tankless water heater services. Our company also handles AC and heating systems installation, repair, and maintenance services across Tucson, AZ. Call us now to schedule an appointment and enjoy any of ours services.