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The Advantages of Hydro Jetting Your Clogged Pipes

Faulty faucets and leaking pipes are examples of setbacks experienced in most drainage systems. However, clogged pipes are among the most common encounters that almost every plumber will have to combat.

Common causes of clogged pipes include the accumulation of paper products in the drain lines, penetration of plant roots through the pipes, and the formation of sludge inside the pipes over time. There are several ways to unclog pipes, but one that stands out is hydro-jetting.

As one of the most effective ways to clean out pipe blockages, it is done simply by utilizing a continuous blast of high-pressure water through a hose, inserted down the drain line. At levels of up to 60,000 psi, water is pumped through a hose, which cleans out all debris.

Hydro-jetting can performed to both residential and commercial properties. Other maintenance practices like snaking may also work, but here is why you should consider hydro jetting as your first option.

1. It Is of Low Cost

It will always come down to the cost. When considering drainage maintenance options, it is quite common to rule out hydro-jetting as your first option, especially for residentials, mainly due to the cost that comes with securing all the components of the system.

However, the upfront cost of using a hydro-jetting technique is very much worth it. A single operation will last you longer than most maintenance practices. Furthermore, if you’re outsourcing the labor to a plumber who charges by the hour, this can save you money over the long-term.

2. It is Customizable

It is easier to assume hydro-jetting is best suited for commercial users. However, even for home users, it works well. All you need is a hose reel about half-inch thick, some fitting nozzles and a water pump. You can fix this entirely by yourself.

Hydro jetting operates best at fluid pressures ranging from 3000 to 8000 psi. Since most home-based water pumps can operate within this range, it is quite possible to create your home-based hydro-jetting system.

3. Has High Efficiency

Many of the common ways of unclogging will almost always fall short of the hydro-jetting method. For instance, snaking does not eliminate most sludge debris. The use of detergent will not eliminate roots, and manual unclogging like the use of hunger wires may result in pipe breakage.

Hydro-jetting, on the other hand, will eliminate any solid and semi-fluid blockages in a single operation.

4. Long Lasting Results

The process involves high pressure that will thoroughly clear out almost any debris. Thus, it is more difficult for debris and grime to build up again, meaning you will not need to clean your pipes more often. Therefore, hydro-jetting works more effectively for a more extended period.

5. Reduces Health Risks

Every drainage pipe can be a hub of different bacterial strains, which can be of significant health concern, mostly in cases where maintenance has been neglected. Over time, it will even generate foul smells and general unpleasantness.

With hydro-jetting, the bacteria, along with the other dirt and grime, are entirely cleared.

Also, cleaning with traditional methods will pose the risk of debris and sewage possibly encountering the worker and the surrounding environment. Hydro-jetting is a safe means due to the speed it attains, allowing less time and less contact with any contaminant.

6. Versatility and Accuracy

Not all unclogging systems will be efficient for different plumbing systems. For instance, underground pipes are often challenging to unclog via manual techniques such as replacement.

The underground plumbing system is mostly preferred because of its aesthetic advantages in the environment. However, most homeowners will avoid it due to the maintenance part of having to unbury them as this interferes with the environmental outlook.

With hydro-jetting, you can clear underground drainpipes without having to dig them up, thus freeing homeowners from the unsightly mess of trenches throughout their yards.

7. Eliminates Residue

Once done with tough clogs, smaller debris like dirt, mud, tiny bits of food can also build up over time and cause problems. Other conventional cleaning methods tend not to entirely solve this problem. The hydro-jetting technique will not only get rid of significant obstructions but also clean them of all residue.

8. Safe and Eco-Friendly

Some conventional cleaners will sometimes use harmful and dangerous liquids, which can pose harm to homes and buildings, especially for homeowners who have a high regard for nature.

There is no better option than using a blast of pure water to remove clogs safely and completely. Even preventing clogs of substances such as grease from reforming, hence maintaining a sustainable safe environment.

9. A Two in One Solution

It is often difficult to track certain pipe leakages, mostly if your maintenance is not being done frequently. However, with the high-pressure system of the hydro-jetting that sprays water forcefully against the pipe walls, it is often possible to detect any pipe leakages.

While cleaning, you might want to ask your plumber to repair any of these detected leakages. Combining these two operations will give you the most durable plumbing system for your residential or commercial facility.

10. Labor Efficient

Considering other unclogging methods, most will require a significant level of energy input to operate. It can be challenging for large-scale and commercial cleaning. What separates commercial unclogging from residential unclogging is mostly the amount of work required.

With the hydro-jetting technique, all you need is a hose that suits the size of your work. Regardless of how intensive the process could be, all you’re required to do is to monitor how your hose moves inside the pipes.

When to Ctnsider Hydro-jetting

When hard and tough accumulated clogs are detected, consider hydro-jetting. Extremely tough clogs will resist most traditional forms and techniques of unclogging. Therefore, the best solution is to use water at very high pressure to remove the clogs. The high pressured water will clear everything in its path, leaving the pipe as clean as possible.

If you immediately you encounter foul smell, it’s a sign you require more than just a traditional method to clean the pipes. Hydro-jetting is the best option in such instances.

With a localized plumbing problem, a slow drain can be of significant concern. Most homeowners may not spot the developing problem early since the changes appear gradual over time. Therefore, consider hydo-jetting to early before problems get worse.

It may also come in handy when one generally wants good results. Sometimes, having the best quality is just fulfilling. With the hydro-jetting technique, you’re sure to get what you pay for.

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