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Sewer Line Replacement and Repair in Oro Valley, AZSewer line replacement should normally be performed every 50 to 100 years in Oro Valley, AZ, but corrosion, physical damage, and other pipe problems can require sewer line repair sooner. At Rite Way Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we offer several trenchless repair options depending on the type of damage to your sewer line, which provide low-dig patching, relining, and bursting of the existing pipe in place to make room for a replacement. We’ve been providing sewer line services since 1959, and it’s a pleasure to have these choices for homeowners as long-lasting substitutes in many cases for the traditional backhoe method.

Trusted Sewer Line Replacement in Oro Valley

How do you know that you need a sewer line replacement? When sewage leaks under your yard, it can cause your grass to be extra green right above it, or create odorous puddles in your yard. Indoors, sewer problems can create water damage, mold, wastewater spills, and foul odors, as well as multiple sink and toilet backups. These signs also create sanitary hazards, and should be tended to right away. Our team offers sewer line inspection to identify problems, followed by trenchless or traditional sewer line replacement options depending on the extent of the pipe damage.

Trenchless sewer line repair methods use long-lasting materials good for up to 50 years, similar to sewer line replacement with a new pipe. If your pipe is excessively damaged, traditional pipe replacement may be needed, which involves digging a trench and arranging to connect the new line to the city sewer. Whatever method is right for your home, our team takes care of the process and provides you with a detailed quote along with information about how long it should take and how your family can adjust while the work is in progress.

Sometimes sewer line problems are obvious and messy, other times they’re subtle like:

  • A bright green stripe of grass fed by sewage leaks
  • Sewer gas odors in or around the house
  • Multiple slow or blocked drains
  • Sewage rising through the soil and pooling
  • Water damage and mold in your basement
  • Large trees near your sewer line and corroding drain pipes indicating risk of damage

Corrosion and physical damage can cause premature sewer line failure. Arizona’s hard water is a common cause of pipe corrosion, and tree roots can intrude on sewer pipes as the trees mature. Heavy equipment crossing your yard and seismic activity can crush the pipe, resulting in serious damage or cracks requiring sewer line replacement.

Expert Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

Expert Sewer Line Repair and ReplacementWe’re pleased to provide experienced trenchless sewer line repairs by our licensed and insured Rite Way Heating, Cooling & Plumbing plumbers in addition to sewer line replacement that we have been performing since 1959. Our company is well-known in the Oro Valley area, and has received local recognition such as the Angi 2020 Super Service Award and 2020 Arizona Daily Star Reader’s Choice Award as well as our BBB A+ rating. We know that plumbing problems disrupt our customers’ lives, and we work hard to provide reliable, expert services you can trust.

Is it time to check your sewer line for trouble in Oro Valley? Give our team a call today!

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